Friday, January 26, 2007


Mary is playing basketball with the women of our ward. They had a game last night that was pretty entertaining. It is a different game than mens especially when they foul someone and then hug each other as they appologize. Mary does quite well. She has watched enough basketball to where at least she knows the object of the game. There did seem to be a lot of scratched hands and arms from fingernails. The Tretos had their camera at the game so I should be able to get a picture or 2 to post.

Dead camera battery

Note for future reference: Make sure you have your spare camera battery with you. My camera battery ran out and we had to use James' camera for the inside pictures. It may be a while before we will be able to download those. It may be just as well. Who wants to see a bunch of cry baby pictures?

Entering the MTC

James enters the MTC a little nervous... a little cold... Notice Jayden, Coleson, and Spencer in the reflection.

Walking to the MTC

Kathie, Brandon, Jayden, Chandler, Spencer walking James to the MTC

Walking to the MTC

Mary and James had just dropped off the luggage

Tying one on

Mary snapped this shot as we were getting ready to go to the MTC

MTC fairwell

No matter how you prepare for it the MTC is a tough place. You know that what you are doing is a good thing but it just about rips your heart out. I am so happy that James made the choice to serve a mission. I have regretted not serving. I am sure that James will be blessed, as well as our family, for James' decision.

Coleson was asking Mary how many more days until James comes home. Mary told him that it would be about 720. Coleson said, "That is a lot of days to be sad."

There is an empty feeling just waiting to hear from the MTC. I think that once we recieve our first letter there will be a big relief. Until then we just wonder and hope.